Exnora Green Pammal

Exnora Green Pammal is a Non-Government Organization (NGO) which works in collaboration several government bodies and CSR wings of corporates like PepsiCo, ITC, Tata Global Beverages etc. in the field of solid waste management. Exnora Green Pammal(EGP) is in constant search of people who have genuine interest in solid waste management. The recruitment facility is always in keen search of new talent. EGP is an equal opportunity giver, although its primary focus remains in the betterment of underprivileged section of the society.

Compensation and Benefits

EGP provides a compensation as best as possible in the field of solid waste management in India. The existing policies for compensation and benefits ensures the best talent to be retained. We provide a balanced package to maximize the basic pay that an employee could take home.

Training and Development

EGP believes in both efficiency and effectiveness in their human resource. To keep the whole team abreast with new emerging technologies and inventions training programmes are conducted on regular basis. Employees are given hands on training and brainstorming sessions to keep them proactive in their duties. Every staff undergoes a field training to gain the perspectives of how EGP functions and how the consumer reacts. Training on organizational skills, functional skills, effective communication, management skills and Management Information System (MIS) is mandatory for every employee.

Career development

Employees of EGP always gather a progressive career graph. As EGP works in different parts of India in association with various corporates, career opportunities are well spread and growth is ensured. For any new project or an internal transfer preference is given to the existing staffs first. We let our employees work in a human-friendly environment and expect a long term association with our staffs.

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