Exnora Green Pammal

We proactively monitor our impact in several ways. One way that we gauge impact is by collecting feedback from residents. We also listen carefully to the impressions of local authorities. Another indication of impact is analysis of our data by the Exnora Environmental Certification Corporation, which tells us how much carbon emission we prevent by recycling waste and reducing dumping.

Resident's Testimonials:


Mrs. Nitu Jha, 290 A. Shanti Nagar, Panipat

Door-to-door collection of waste from our home is punctual. The collectors don't take leave, and now the street is very clean.


Mr. L.B. Suresh CTA Garden, Mangadu

Before, our money went to doctors because we became ill from pollution. Now money is saved because disease is prevented. They should do this everywhere.


Mr. N. Dhandapani, Joint Secretary, VOC Nagar RWA, Pammal

Previously, the municipality occasionally collected waste from overflowing street bins. Animals scattered our waste. EGP's service is a boon to Pammal's residents.


Mrs. W. Langlentombi, Kalpakkam

Our street bins used to be emptied irregularly, so waste smelled and attracted insects and dogs. It is much better that our waste is collected daily at our front door.

Feedback from Officials:

Exnora’s project is a good model. It is a way of the future and is worth emulating. Mr. Vijay Dhiya, IAS, DC, Panipat.

Where Exnora people are working, the results are excellent. They come, take waste, and there is no problem that people are throwing waste on the road. No blockage in sewage. Wherever they are working, they are working well. Shri Balbir Palsha, MLA, Panipat.

Panipat is a good model. The result is good. Dr. Amit K. Agrawal, IAS, DC, Yamunanagar.

There is a quantum improvement in the way the township looks in respect to cleanliness. Dr. Baldev Raj, Director, IGCAR, Kalpakkam.

We met with the following officials who were instrumental in initiating and establishing daily house-to-house collection of segregated waste in Pammal, Panipat, the DAE townships and Mangadu:

Dr. Baldev Raj,Director, Indira Gandhi, Center for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam.

Mr. N. Ravi,EO in Mangadu

Mr. Ravikumar,formerly EO in Mangadu, presently EO in Sevilimedu

Mr. M. Chandrasekaran,formerly EO in Pammal, presently Assistant Director in Tiruvallur

Mr. K. Kalathi,formerly EO in Pammal, presently EO in Thiruverkadu

Dr. Amit K. Agrawal,formerly ADC in Panipat, presently DC in Yamunanagar

Mr. N.K. Jindal,formerly Municipal Engineer in Panipat, presently Executive Engineer in Panipat

We asked them to describe benefits that they have observed after initiating door-to-door collection of MSW.


What benefits have you observed after launching door-to-door collection of segregated waste?


“Waste is collected door to door, so drains are no longer clogged by waste dumped in the street. The streets are kept neat. Previously, we had to clean the streets every two days. Now we have to clean only once per week.” Mr. N. Ravi 

“The major advantage of this system is that waste is being converted into a product, and with this system it is possible to give many people a salary and a sense of purpose. That is a very tangible benefit.” Dr. Baldev Raj 

“There’s no sanitation problem in Pammal, because waste is collected properly.” Mr. K. Kalathi 

“Before we introduced house-to-house collection there was waste everywhere, and animals came and fed on the waste. There were many areas where there was no sanitary worker. Now the areas are clean.” Mr. N.K. Jindal 

“If you do door-to-door collection, 50% of your waste can be converted to manure, so you considerably reduce the area required for waste disposal. Finding small parcels of land is much easier than finding large areas of land. In Pammal, we showed that in a small space we can manage our waste.” Mr. M. Chandrasekaran 

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Certified by the Exnora Environmental Certification Corporation, In 2010, the Exnora Environmental Certification Corporation analyzed data of the waste collected and processed by Exnora Green Pammal, and awarded EGP AAA-rated Green Business Certification. The AAA rating is awarded to organizations that reduce carbon emission by 40%.

The EECC calculated that by converting biodegradable waste to vermicompost and keeping recyclable items out of landfills, EGP offset the following amount of carbon:


LocationCarbon offset from organic waste (tons/month)Carbon offset from recyclables (tons/month)Total carbon offset (tons/month)&Annual Carbon offset (tons/month)

By reducing the carbon footprint of waste in these localities, Exnora Green Pammal earned the Exnora Environmental Standard Organization’s AAA-rated Green Business Certification.