Exnora Green Pammal

Exnora Green Pammal is a Non-Government Organization specialized in solid waste management for the urban and rural areas. Their main aim focusses into effective management of solid wastes and in turn resource recovery and waste to wealth planning. EGP invites candidates for internship programme throughout the year. Interns are given hands on experience on various existing facilities of EGP. Interns are encouraged to work from the grass root level to know the real situation and hurdles faced in the field of solid waste management. In case, interns wish to join EGP as an employee, they are encouraged for the same.

How to Apply

Exnora Green Pammal has an Internship Policy. Read the details before you apply.

Internship details with the department details are available in our website. To apply for an internship programme choose your desirable field of interest and draft a covering letter along with your recent resume and the filled in application form.

Please click link or Email us for any query.