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  • Solid waste management is everyone's responsibility, and is done well only when everyone does their share of the work. Exnora Green Pammal fosters partnership through the involvement of local residents, authorities, schools and the private sector to bring waste management services into compliance with the government's regulations.

  • Residents are critical partners for proper solid waste management. Residents are responsible for segregating their waste before giving it to collectors. As importantly, residents must also do all that they can to minimize waste by practicing the 3Rs.

  • Efforts by residents to segregate their waste are pointless if localities do not provide segregated waste collection services. Local authorities have the resources, authority and legal obligation to manage solid waste according to the guidelines of the government's waste management rules. Diligent performance of their duties is equally critical for successful solid waste management.

  • Since 2004, PepsiCo India Region has partly sponsored EGP's work in Pammal, Mangadu, Sangareddy and Panipat. In 2005, the PepsiCo Foundation sponsored the replication of EGP's model in Tenkasi, Cuddalore and Nagapattinam. PepsiCo's sponsorship and steadfast commitment to improving the cleanliness of many localities demonstrates the ability of the private sector to make a difference as well as a profit.

  • Engineers Without Borders, Australia, is a partner, deputing engineers to work with EGP on a volunteer basis.

  • Other vital partners are the Appaswamy Group of Companies and Husky Injection Molding Systems, Ltd.

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